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big changes

For the second time in 8 months, I’ve been asked to join a new organization, and subsequently embark on a totally new professional life/career. And that’s pretty damn unexpected, but also seriously cool. Getting head-hunted for a fairly dreamy and autonomous writing job (with a company that does great stuff! where I get to work from home most of the time! for the same salary I just got after a pay raise at my other job! with more holidays in my contract!) makes me feel several things. All the things, if I’m being honest. Really flattered, for one. And really insecure for another. Those are the big two. Also, really excited, but that’s obvious if you happen to be reading here.

It’s strange to see some big plans that I had for my life from way back in childhood really coming to fruition now. Getting close to my 30th birthday in the fall, and finally finally finally I’m feeling like I have grips on the direction my life is taking, or has taken. That I’m more in control than I have ever been.

This time last year, I was a teacher, still scraping by and loving my work, but knowing that there was no future in it unless I sunk more funds into more qualifications and degrees, or stumbled upon an academic directorship at a school similar to the one I was working at (which is nearly impossible around here, as supply beats demand by a whole lot in my field). And a year later, I’ve spent 7 months learning some of the ins and outs of an edtech startup, which arguably left me jaded in a lot of ways, but also taught me some things about the other side.

And here I am now, today. Last week I sat down with an amazing fellow I know, who was familiar with some of my freelance work, but also with my passions as a feminist and a writer and really, as a person. And with his business expanding, he wanted to invite me to come on board as an editorial consultant, working with big companies (writing their content and doing their media bits) in order to make enough money to work with small companies, charities, and non-profits. Doing the same thing for them as for the big guys, with the big guys footing the bill. And that is something that I can really get behind. Because I’m kind of a socialist that way.

I’ve always wanted to be paid to write. This internet hole isn’t a great example of my work, I know. I don’t put as much effort into this space, and into my bits of writing, as I could. I have all these ideas for essays and columns and I just….don’t do anything with them. But this seems like a turn of events that I never imagined, and that I couldn’t be more excited for. And it may even leave me inspired enough, and with time and space enough, to think and write more over here too. Who knows. But this is now, and after this long Easter weekend-Friday and Monday off!-I’ll start a brand new job. One that I plan on doing for a long time. And it will have a learning curve, certainly, but I’m so looking forward to it all. All of it. Life is so weird sometimes.

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  1. Congratulations! You sound so happy about it all. I’m in a very similar boat – I’m starting a new job on Tuesday and I’m flattered but insecure and there’s certain things about the whole situation I never would have expected, and in other ways it feels like things are coming full circle, years later. Life is so weird.

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