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Brighton Food Trail

In order to surprise Jon with a new and exciting date night and also to prevent the inevitable 24 hours of sitting on our butts (brought to you by Easter Monday bank holiday), I bought us tickets to the Brighton Food Trail! Part of the Brighton and Hove Food Festival, it consisted of a visit to ten different independent restaurants around Brighton, with tasty treats to snack on at each one of them. We picked up our maps and tickets at Agua Dulce at 2pm and tried to be sneaky and avoid the crowds of other Easter Monday folks out and about, which was mostly impossible, but it was a really great way to spend a few delicious hours trying out new-ish restaurants around the city that we’d never been to, or didn’t actually know existed.

jon and paella brighton food trail 2014

boho gelato brighton food trail 2014

boho gelato brighton food trail 2014 2

Some places put in a little more effort than others. A tiny scoop of paella at Agua Dulce was paralleled with a large, thoughtfully put together picnic platter at “& at The Manor”. It was all well worth the ten pound ticket price though, no doubt! ┬áThe cocktail at the last stop was worth that alone. And though the skies were gray and ominous when we started out, for the most part it was a warm day, with a few spurts of sunshine here and there…..good enough! (I have seriously low standards, apparently).

la choza brighton food trail 2014

& at the Manor brighton food trail 2014

Pictured above is a scotch egg, goat’s cheese on endive with chutney, a ham hock terrine with piccalilli and my first bite ever of black pudding…..which I then immediately gave to Jon because I am just not there yet, ok?

brighton food trail ashley and jon 2014

chili pickle brighton food trail 2014

julien plumart brighton food trail 2014

julien plumart brighton food trail 2014 2

macaron brighton food trail 2014

steamed bun brighton food trail 2014

yum yum ninja brighton food trail 2014

be at one bar brighton food trail junebug 2014

be at one bar 2 brighton food trail 2014

Jon made special effort to make the exact same face/pose at each stop on the trail for my pictures. What a sweetheart. Here’s a small sample…


gelato jon

la choza carne bite:

la choza jon

& at the Manor:

picnic plate

Chili Pickle:

jon chilli pickle

Macarons at Julien Plumart:

macarons jon

The man is surprisingly consistent!

Next up-the Foodies Festival in a few short weeks! If you entered the contest, keep an eye on your email as I’ll be sending the winners a notice. I’ll see you there-look for the blonde stuffing her face with delicious things (hopefully in the sunshine)!



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