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painting the living room

Since we moved into the new flat two months ago, we’ve been working on one thing after another, little bit by little bit-the things that need done (or that we want to do) compiled onto a list that just keeps getting longer and longer. And it’s fine that way, and even a bit fun. But it’s also a little overwhelming too, and frustrating, in that we do not have Donald Trump-style endless piles of money laying around, or expertise in literally anything, but we have brains full of ideas and stuff we would like to see happen and I have watched a lot of HGTV in my day, mind you.

So painting? Yep, sure, let’s do it. Easy, cheapish, and with the biggest pay-off!

The actual physical labor involved in painting all or part of every day of a 4 day weekend was something I didn’t really think of until I kept waking up all sore and stiff in the mornings, my old joints creaking and crying. In the end we painted the kitchen, the living room, a wall in the bedroom, and the bathroom door. We also took the bathroom cabinet off the wall and moved it higher, replaced the broken toilet seat, super-glued the crack in the back of the cistern, filled many a hole with poly-fill and sanded it down, framed and hung innumerable pictures, put together a sofa bed for the second bedroom/home office….it was a busy few days. But things are coming together now, and it makes me very very happy, despite the terrible weather outside. We’re having a little silly Eurovision viewing party on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to having people in the house now that it’s looking a little more “us”, and a lot less yellow-and-brown walls.

Now even though it’s already Thursday, having Monday off threw me for a weird loop this week. And since I also haven’t had any meetings yet (none till tomorrow!) I’ve been doing all my work from home. Basically, Sunday was the main day spent out of the house, food festivaling, but Saturday, and all of this week have been completely house-bound. I’m getting a slight case of cabin fever. Also, the rain. Wind and rain. It’s gloomy, is what I’m saying, and I haven’t left the house in 4 and a half days. Tomorrow morning I have two meetings in a row and then a lunch date, and I am seriously looking forward to getting out there in the world and leaving my freshly painted walls behind. But then again, on a day like today with gale force winds and the sea melting into the gray sky, I’m glad to have the solace of spending a day barricaded inside, typing away on my little laptop. Silver linings.

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