May bank holiday weekend (number two)

bruce Shoreham

The long bank holiday weekend ended not with a bang, but with a slightly hungover and self-loathing filled whimper on the big couch. Oops.  The weather was terrible yesterday, so Jon and I laid around all day anyway-no big loss, as there was no sunshine to be missing out on. There was a lot of Netflix and being horizontal.

But the weekend! That part was good! Hanging out with friends, a fry up at one of our favorite brunch places on Saturday, book reading and naps and a curry and a cider in the sunshine when the clouds parted for a brief moment. All those good things, with the glory of an extra day off of work lying just ahead. And we even added a slight level of organization to the guest room, and hung some shelves. Impressive.

Now the week’s just begun but already seems half over. I need a hair cut and a fresh start, and I’m going for it now. Summer’s nearly here and I want more than this. But maybe I’m just saying that because the sun’s disappeared again, and wearing a coat, sweater, and jeans when it’s almost June really bums me out.

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