A surprise birthday party for Kal!

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brightonfamily kals' bday 2014

Two of our very good friends have come back for a two week holiday in England now that they live in Oman full time (they were last here around Christmas). Yay! They had a horrific ordeal getting here because it was too hot in Oman for their flight to take off (!!) and they were stuck on the runway for hours, then missed their connection in Dubai and got in about 12 hours later than they’d planned….anyway, they made it in time for the surprise party that had been organized for Kal’s belated birthday celebrations on Saturday night, so all’s well that ends well, or something like that.

Pre-party was a bit different. My weekend was slightly marred by the fact that on my way to get a haircut early on Saturday afternoon I tripped on the sidewalk in the center of Brighton crowds, flew through the air all comedy style and skidded a few feet, leaving my legs a bloody, scraped up mess. Strangers came to my rescue, but it was a blow to the ol’ dignity and also very….very painful. I still haven’t been able to wear pants yet over my swollen, bruised and scabbed up knees, and it’s Tuesday now! Had to bust out some satiny wide-legged trousers just to shuffle my way to the party that night, and waking up all stiff and swollen the next day….ouch.

But fresh hair does make lots of things better, in my humble opinion.

Couldn’t bring myself to smile…everything hurt at this point in time. But at least my hair looked good, and a good night was had with good people. You win some, you lose some?

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