summer nights on Brighton beach



We do so much more when our far away friends are back in town! Somehow the short time that they’re around forces us to stop being the kinda lazy homebodies that we can sometimes be-the types that only do things on Friday or Saturday, and usually not both. Then all of a sudden it’s adventures every night (even school nights, quelle horreur!) and doing all sorts of fun things. Last night we drank on the beach, watching the sun go down, the guys trying to throw each other into the sea, as is their wont. The weather was warm (although Kal and Amy, having acclimated to Omani weather, are freezing to death even on the nicest days here), the sun was out, people were cheerful. I want more of this this summer. No matter who’s around. We need to try harder, and stop pretending we’re too old. We aren’t. I’m not. I’m sure of it.

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