A mini vacation in London

drinking eating London

I was supposed to be in Paris this week, meeting Lindsey again while she was in town with her students, just like we did a couple of years ago. (Side note, holy crap, that was two years ago!). Instead, I’m hanging out in England, no tasty croissants or large phallic metal statues in sight. This is due to the fact that up until just a few days ago the UK -government still had possession of my passport-they don’t now!-so while Jon and I had booked the time off work, we didn’t actually buy any tickets or anything, because that would have been stupid. But Paris or not, we stuck with a few days of mini vacation from Tuesday-Thursday of this week. We drank beers in the sun with friends, spent a day in London, saw The Book of Mormon with Kal and Amy, made and ate good food, and slept late. It was good, and it meant that a single Friday back at work went really, really quickly. And now it’s the weekend again. Yeah!

Jon is never impressed by Buckingham Palace.


And for your viewing pleasure….Bruce.


3 thoughts on “A mini vacation in London”

  1. You guys always look like you have the loveliest (and sunniest — how is that possible?!) of times. And croissants are nice, but it looks like you more than made up for lack of Parisianness.

    Speaking of London, will there be any chance you guys are in town this coming weekend? After some last minute planning, Matt and I finally decided to venture down south (we might fry instant at the sight of so much sun and warmth). I hope we can meet in real life soon — if not this trip in another not-so-distant one!


    1. Ugh, we won’t be in London this weekend, unfortunately! We were actually supposed to be heading down to Plymouth to meet some friends, but it was cancelled, leaving us with a nice empty weekend to(hopefully) soak up more sunshine! You guys are definitely definitely more than welcome to hitch the train down to Brighton if you want to hang out-the beach is sure to be packed even if there are a few clouds, and it’d be so lovely to finally meet in person! x

      1. We definitely need to meet in person, Ashley. This will happen — it will! We’d love to get to Brighton some time soon: beach? sun? I don’t think we are actually on the same island, are we?
        Do let us know if you ever get sick of all that nice weather and want a break in Edinburgh.

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