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In a concerted effort to spend less time in front of a glowing screen of internet, I have tried to up my reading game this year. Come mid July, I’ve read a dozen or so books, which is less than I wanted but hey, that’s that. I will try to do better in the second half of 2014! Some scattered thoughts on some of what I’ve put into my brain this year (oh, and if you are a reader too, or you have an interest in seeing what I am reading/have read/want to read, you are cordially invited to connect with me on goodreads here¬† . Yay for books, forever!


What I’ve read this year:

The Ocean at the End of the Lane-awesome, thanks Neil Gaiman.

The Fault in Our Stars-cheesy cancer teen schmaltz, I felt annoyed the entire time I was reading it and have no intention of watching the movie.

Escape from Camp 14-heartbreaking non-fiction written by an American journalist with a North Korean defector.

Grimm Tales-love, obviously. gruesome, original fairy tales are my favorite and this one is a collection of the original Grimm tales, with footnotes about their origins and similar versions of the story that exist across the globe.

Room-whoa. this is written from the perspective of a little boy born to a mother who has been kidnapped and locked away in a secret hidden room. his whole world is her and the room, and they are rescued when he’s five. it’s crazy.

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly-a Korean best seller translated into English. didn’t love it, all about a hen who only wants to have an egg she can keep and hatch on her own. allegory much? too pushy for me in terms of THIS HEN IS A REAL WOMAN GET IT-SHE JUST NEEDS A BABY TO COMPLETE HER LIFE. very Korean though.

The Penelopiad-Margaret Atwood, another gem from one of my favorite authors. this is Penelope’s story while Odysseus is off on his travels. short, sweet, very good.

The Red Tent-womanhood! i never would have picked this off a shelf but my boss’s wife gave me a second copy she’d accidentally bought. an imagining of the life of Dinah, brother to Joseph -of technicolor dreamcoat fame-and his twelve brothers way back there in Genesis. very good, very powerful, and very very into the strength that women gain from women.

Home-maybe not Toni Morrison’s best, but this novella stuck with me after I finished it nonetheless. she is amazing.

What I’m currently reading:

The Female Eunuch-bought this after seeing Germaine Greer in a documentary a month or two ago. Still making my way through it. I can see it’s importance as a seminal work, and can see stuff I disagree with too. Glad to be reading it though.

Americanah-if you listen to Beyonce, then you have heard the author of this book giving her ted talk on feminism (at the beginning of “flawless”). this book is hefty, but I’m really enjoying it so far. her voice is mesmerizing.


So what are you reading? Any suggestions for this little bookworm over here? And have you read anything powerful and life changing lately? Or just something fluffy? I’m interested!

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