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shoreham by sea low tide


Sundays have become these ultra productive days where I wake up and work out and clean the house and eat good foods that are healthy and then when that’s done and over it’s still somehow only 1:00 pm and there’s a whole day left. Thank you Sunday!

Today we did all that stuff,and I nearly killed myself on the elliptical this morning, which got things off to a strong and sweaty start. I’m doing a thing where I am trying to be much much healthier, while not getting obsessed and still loving myself. It’s nice, and easy enough to do when not being in America, where everything seems to be made to remind you that you look like shit and are terrible. This idea also seems to have seeped into the American psyche from normal humans who also aren’t gorgeous super models but deem themselves arbiters of what all should look like anyway. Not saying England is perfect, but the judgement just isn’t there so blatantly, and I’m getting so used to it that when I hear comments from my American compatriots or read articles that insinuate that a perfectly normal woman (or man, but let’s be honest, it’s always women) is getting chunky, it just infuriates me. Who gives a shit? Stop giving a shit everyone! Stop it!

Well this digressed quite a lot, didn’t it?

Back to Sunday-the sun was out, there was a breeze, we cleaned everything then spent a few hours sitting on the balcony, reading things and having a nice time, before making dinner and taking a walk on the beach at low low low tide. Summer is great around here and the dog people know it! I don’t know what the non-dog people do, but all the dog people in Shoreham seem to congregate at the same time in the same places, like on the beach at low tide.

On a similar note, two weeks from now I’ll be on a beach in Spain with Jon and I cannot wait. Jon keeps making fun of me for bringing it up…”guess what I’m excited for?….our holiday!” But it’s true. We haven’t ever spent a beachy vacation together, instead spending most of our time and money either going to Ohio or going to England. But now a few years into my emigration, we are lucky enough to be able to branch out. So a beach it is! I’m just going to keep talking about this, I bet it’s super interesting. Anyway, beaches are cool, right? Right!



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