Costa Blanca: Eating and Drinking in Benidorm

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In true holiday fashion, much of our time in Spain was spent indulging in tasty treats and equally fantastic cocktails. Paella, swordfish, tapas, the biggest salmon I’ve ever seen, sangria, drinks topped with weird towers of fruits…..we had it all. Or okay, not it all, but a lot.

Jon and I both agreed that the highlight of our trip was the night we spent at Restaurante J. Manu, found down a quiet side street off the old town. It’s a tiny place with just a chef and server, and neither of them speak much English, but that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely delightful. We shared a pitcher of the house sangria, were treated to a welcoming taster of tortilla (known as Spanish omelette outside of Spain), and then we made our way through a big ol’ pan of seafood paella. It was a lovely evening, and a lovely meal.

oh, and little Bobbi next door kept watch over us while we ate our meal, doing a lot of yapping at passersby, only going inside with his old lady mama after she came out for a shouted down chat with our chef. Delightful, like I said.


(this is a picture heavy one so click “read more”  to, you know… more)

On our first night out we went on a search for a tapas place that had been recommended to us by a friend of Jon’s from work who is from Benidorm (hola Jose!). We were not mislead, and La Cava Arogonesa was poppin’, absolutely full of people ordering their little plates and enjoying the amazing wine-definitely the best wine we drank in Spain, in my opinion.

Other highlights….

Late night street popsicles:

Frozen lemons filled with lemon sorbet…

Fruity cocktails at Penelope Bar

Buttery garlic shrimp and equally fresh calamari (with corn?) …


And nighttime squid for good measure, with prawns to shell and aioli for dipping…

And all the rest was spent in the hotel buffet, because that’s just good value. But what we ate out? Was great. Benidorm: land of hidden culinary treasures! Who knew?

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