Shoreham Air Show


I married a guy who isn’t really into sporty sports (woo!), but is into cool cars and other interesting and mostly loud machinery. Or “interesting” I should say in scare quotes, since I am preeeettty ambivalent and/or not interested in those things. Even so, over the years I’ve found myself enjoying watching the Formula One races that Jon watches, much to my surprise!  Love, eh? So in keeping with Jon’s mechanical interests, over the weekend he talked me into going over to watch some bits of the Shoreham Air Show that was taking place across town. Actually he tricked me into going on our usual Saturday morning wander around town with Bruce at a different time and then “remembered” that the RAF were reenacting the Battle of Britain right around that time so we really had to go watch it, but I digress. We made our way over to near the air field and parked with the pup amongst the families and watched some planes do some plane stuff. And then there were wing walkers! To be fair, I would definitely find it more interesting if I had some binoculars to actually see things. Otherwise it’s just “plane does loop, disappears for 3 minutes, comes back again, repeat, take hour break”.

After a bit of sky gazing we wandered home past the house boats with our shopping, stopping to say hello to the little chickies in their pens (a surprising amount of house boat owners also have chickens!), and to the swan family who were out for a leisurely swim. The planes carried on doing their thing through today too, and all those old timey engines in the skies have made for a particularly loud and carbon-y weekend. We could see most everything else going on from our balcony as the air show continued, so there was no need to make much of an effort to not miss a thing, which led to lots of Jon and Bruce dude time out there, sitting on the chairs and checking out the big stuff in the sky, while I did some reading and enjoyed a coffee or three. A solid lazy weekend and the last one of the summer, to boot! Whaaat?

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