The Color Run Brighton

Brighton England

color run uk brighton

Two weeks before the race my friend Tilly sent around a facebook message urging our group of lady friends to sign up to run the Color Run 5k with her. ┬áDefinitely an on-again off-again runner, I figured I had a baseline cardiac health from all the other exercise crap I do working in my favor, and also it’s not a RUN run, but a fun run, you know? So I said yes. And it turned out that two of our other friends were already signed up! So with one more recruit from Tilly’s work, we signed up a little team and rocked up to the starting line a few days ago for the second race at 4 pm. The whole deal had proven so popular that one race at 11 am wasn’t enough, and thank goodness for that. There is quite simply nothing like the euphoria of a thousand people on the seafront, all on a runner’s high, throwing colored powder at strangers they don’t know, all to the beat of pumping club music. At each of the kilometers a different color of dusty powder was thrown at you as you ran through a gauntlet of volunteers, and at the end, it was just a bananas dance party. And what a gorgeous day! Have we thought of a better word for indian summer yet? Because when it’s 75F on the third Saturday in September in England, you know things are happening.

color run uk before and after
Before……and after

color run uk brighton

the color run uk brighton

I had a pretty adorable set of cheerleaders.

This was the view from Jon’s seat overlooking the finish and the stage where everyone congregated before and after. Bananas I say!

the color run uk brighton

As you can imagine, I got some stares (and some laughs) on the train and while walking home. And my bath….well, it’s still a little pink. But I’d definitely say it was worth it.

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