Our first Christmas in Shoreham

bruce Shoreham
Merry Christmas from the positively balmy climes of Shoreham-by-Sea on the day after Christmas! It barely went below 50F yesterday, so it was not a white christmas, whatsoever. But this was the first holiday season in our flat, and it was also spent on our own, so it had a lot of good going on. Today, Boxing Day, we’ll be heading up to see the Norris family and spending time with in-laws, toddlers, and at least one octogenarian, so don’t worry, we aren’t completely escaping the grasp of holiday family time.
Christmas Eve we abided by tradition, opening a single gift (Jon got me corn socks, what a gent) and watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, which is sadly not a holiday staple in this country. But the live action one with Jim Carrey gets annual tv airing? Ugh, seriously England. Taste. Get some.
Christmas Day we slept late, and Jon took Bruce for a walk-where, in life imitating art, he was yelled at by a drunken neighbor from a few floors up, chilling on his balcony with a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, who shouted down “Boy! What day is it?”, to which Jon replied, in true Dickensian fashion “Why, it’s Christmas Day sir!” and then they both laughed and Jon carried on.
While all THAT was happening, I was making cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and smoked salmon. And starting on the mimosas. And that’s how the day went! We eventually opened some gifts, ate more food, drank more drinks, watched movies, and even had a visit from some friends, which was unexpected and joyful. And while I wouldn’t want to spend every Christmas this way-I feel like skipping the rigors of family time is cheating, somehow-it was a good break from the usual travel, cooking, forced banter, whispered fights in rooms of inlaws sort of thing that seems to happen this time of year. And we got to choose what holiday stuff we watched all day instead of begrudgingly watching whatever the old people and/or small children choose, but since we watched-in order-White Christmas, Arthur Christmas, Shrek the Halls, and Downton Abbey, I’m not sure if I fit more in with the children or the old folks….maybe somewhere in the middle? Anyway. Ho ho ho and all that.
Bruce has a gift for you. He’s been watching you all year.

Christmas Bruce


This was going to be our Christmas card, but we went with something else. But Merry Christmas from the (not as angry as we look) Sheets-Norris household nonetheless!

a wasp christmas 2014

No, but really, our Christmas day looked more like all of this. Much less waspy, I think.

(click “read more”)

christmas feast 2014

bruce and penny

bruce under the christmas tree

bruce and mama 2014

I even managed, while down to the wire last night near 9, to finish the scarf I’ve been knitting for Jon’s grandad! I was/am very proud of myself. No idea if he’ll even like it, but that’s the way with knitting, really. So Jon modeled it for me! You can’t see the colors as well here, but it’s a really lovely oatmeal/maroon/navy. Fingers crossed he likes it….

jon knitting grandpa scarf


Now it’s Boxing Day, a holiday that America is sorely missing out on. Everyone deserves another promised day off after Christmas! Sorry US friends. Hope you have the day off anyway!

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