2014: A year that happened


I wasn’t sure I wanted to carry on with my usual “year in review” thing this year-the ebb and flow of blogging for me seems to ebb more than flow, these past few months. But I also figured that come February, or come January of 2016 or 2026 or something like that, I may wish I’d done it, so where’s the harm in a little recap?

This year was a good one, overall. Much better than 2013, really. But it was almost hard to enjoy, in that there were rough times for so many of our loved ones, and really the world in general. And while these events did cast shadows over the lives of our friends, and the shadow was further cast on us- it seemed strange to revel in our good luck. That being said, it is good to remember the wonderful things and reflect on them before plunging into the new.

Jon and I went to Germany, and Spain. I went to a hippy dippy music festival in Wales and camped under a beautiful Welsh sky in the valleys. I got a shiny new Indefinite Right to Remain visa, so I can stay in the Uk for the long-term. We bought our flat (!). Celebrated a year of Bruce owning. I turned thirty, and unexpectedly found myself quitting a still fairly new job to take up a job offer for another position that I love, and that I’ve been doing for about ten months now. Weird! We painted and I worked out and read books and took beach walks and skyped with my family in Ohio and went to live gigs and listened to music and ate weird stuff and celebrated a measly but very good three years of marriage and drank way too many drinks with friends and overall, yeah, it was good. Very good. Thanks 2014.

brandenberg gate berlin

australian terrier

brighton west pier

book of mormon london

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAberlin hofbrauhausbenidorm sangriaharry potter studio tourBritish Embassy Berlin GermanyAshley Benidorm beachgetting my indefinite right to remain visa

Neutral milk hotel at the roundhouse londonjonashleysummer2014fieldsinlancingsussex.JPGshorehambeachboardwalk.JPG

american expat fourth of julyneutralmilkhotelroundhouselondon.jpgman and dog

Green Man Festival Wales 2014

fog in ShorehamShoreham beach

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