Touring London’s Parliament Building

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If you are the type who could spend hours on any dreary rainy day wandering through Medieval artifacts in someone’s old drafty manor house, amused by ancient oil paintings and threadbare furniture, than you are my kind of person. Keep that in mind when I tell you that Jon and I splurged on the ¬£18 fee on Saturday and took a guided audio tour of Parliament in London (also known as Westminster Palace, as it used to be a palace, which I did not know). On occasion when we tour these sorts of places I am a little underwhelmed. Having grown up on Disney movies and other fairy tales, manors and castles always seemed to be huge in my mind, and in real life most aren’t, and in fact are quite small compared to their American/New World counterparts. England is cozy! But Westminster Palace, and in particular the Great Hall, is huge and mesmerizing. Most of the building you aren’t allowed to take photographs in, but I don’t mind-more time for gaping with my eye holes. And after an hour or two of wandering around the seat of this nation’s government, Jon and I went shopping for awesome Japanese clothes (helloooo Uniqlo) then scored seats on a cushy couch for wine drinking at one of our favorite pubs in SoHo.

Big Ben

parliament great hall london

touring Parliament London

parliament st stephen's chapel

touring parliament

st stephen's chapel

the opera house

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