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The English wine industry isn’t very old at all, and really didn’t exist before the 1970s. It doesn’t help that the only area that is remotely open to grape-growing is just a small part of the south of England, and it becomes a pipe dream for pretty much anyone. Particularly when you look at the vineyards of Italy, France, and even California, all of which have been growing some of their most popular versions or wine-making grapes for a hundred years or more. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening here-and the English wine industry is movin’ on up! Excitingly, living in Sussex means that the few vineyards that exist are essentially in our backyard, and the furthest are less than an hour away. Lucky.

For our fourth wedding anniversary (which swept right up on us) I thought it would be nice for Jon and I to go on a Sussex Vineyard tour, and luckily, we woke up on a recent Saturday to the hottest day of the year! We made our way to Brighton and to an old timey bus at an old timey bus stop filled with mostly old timey people (we are NOT complaining about that part). We were given local pints of apple juice and freshly made croissants and then off we went to learn about wine making and drink a lot of drinks.

bolney estate


The tour consisted of a few vineyard tours and a pub lunch presenting all local Sussex tasty bits. And yes, I know four years of marriage isn’t exactly anything to crow about, but it feels like a good thing, a small victory in this world; and wandering around the Sussex countryside on the hottest day of the year with my greatest love drinking tasty drinks wasn’t terrible either. Amen for finding a good partner in this existence! I am a lucky, lucky lady.

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