2015 happened!

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I am not averse to taking the annual trip down memory lane that late December brings. 2015 was a solid year – when looking back at the last couple of years, or maybe even further back, this was the first year where I seemed to really be able to gain my bearings and feel in almost complete control, and where the decisions that kept me up at night were either really dumb and narcissistic, or not really that big and serious in the grand scheme of things.

I kicked off the new year with a solo trip back to the States, my first since 2013. And there was snow! (My friends and family were also there, but I mean, really , it was mostly about the snow). I danced my face off at a music festival in Shoreham on one glorious summer weekend. Jon and I spent 24 hours in Istanbul¬†and nine days in Oman to visit friends and dip a toe into the Middle East and shop in the night market and learn how to really wear a headscarf (that was more me, not Jon). We took a tour of Parliament in London and a tour of the vineyards of Sussex to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. We did our first themed “couples” costume, which was pretty damn awesome. We saw The Decemberists and Chvrches live, separately, and a drag show about Margaret Thatcher getting lost in SoHo in the 80s. I read 33 books and cut my long ass hair off and got obsessed with Snapchat, but not with blogging or taking pictures with my DSLR. It was a year of lots of normalcy and general bougie personal happiness, and it was nice to find contentment in that.

triptych on the train

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Here’s to hoping 2016 is a good one. I know my fingers are crossed!



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