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Visiting a majority Muslim country can offer unique challenges for those of us who like to end a day of exploring with a relaxing glass of wine or two. When Jon and I were visiting Marrakech in early October, we spent a little bit too much time trying to find WiFi to Google a place to have dinner that also would serve us alcohol. No regrets! Fortunately, our searches led us to some great places – and some not so great places too.  I thought it’d be nice to share them here, and save you all the trouble.



3 Rue de la Liberte | Gueliz, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

This place is located in the hip “new area” of Marrakech and had a quiet, spacious rooftop terrace that was cordoned off to prevent visibility from the street. You won’t get much in the way of views here due to that. The food wasn’t spectacular, but they had some very nice Moroccan wines on offer and the staff was sweet. The tapas looked great, and I immediately wished we’d gone that route instead of the main dishes we ordered!

Kechmara marrakech

Hotel La Renaissance Marrakech

Also located in Gueliz, Sky Bar is at the top of the Hotel La Renaissance, just a 10 minute taxi away from the Jardin Majorelle. You just walk into the hotel and they’ll send you straight up. We were all alone up on the rooftop for quite a while, which was strange, and you have to ask if you’d like ice in your cocktails (which aren’t particularly cheap and without ice they get warm pretty quickly….gross). However, because it’s on top of a massive hotel, the views are stunning. We went up to watch the sunset, although it got a bit hazy by sunset-time. Eventually a few more people showed up for drinks and it seemed that the employees were setting up some things for a more lively night club scene once the sun went down. Not a place I would suggest hanging out for hours, but if you’d like a drink and a view, this ticks all the boxes.

drinks at sky bar hotel le renaissance marrakech

sky bar marrakech views

Le Salama

40 Rue de Banques | just off Djema el Fnaa, Marrakech, Morocco

Down a quiet street just off the Jemaa elFna square, Le Salama was one of my favorite places in the city during our short stay. It’s done up in a colonial style, so strangely it’s like being in 1950s Havana. The bar is all the way upstairs, past the restaurant, and they offer up very nice cocktails with a 2 for 1 deal. Jon and I couldn’t stop laughing about that since the places that usually do that sort of deal are much slummier than this place, but we weren’t complaining. I’ve read mixed reviews from others about Le Salama, but the staff were attentive, the drinks were tasty, and the ambience was calm and collected after escaping the craziness of the square. Loved it.

Le Salama marrakech

drinks at le salama marrakech



47, Place des Ferblantiers, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
Another place with a great assortment of roof terraces – this time with amazing views of the quietly bustling Place des Ferblantiers. The staff are very nice, they serve delicious Moroccan wine and tasty olives, and you can see stork nests from the terraces, which is very cool in my opinion.

drinking at kosybar marrakech morocco


Le Marrakchi

52, rue des Banques, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

This place gets all the buzz due to it’s placement right on the corner of the Jemaa elFna. If you’re hoping for a table overlooking the square, however, you’ll need to book it well in advance. Otherwise, you’ll be seated wherever there’s room when you get in. It’s a restaurant, and there is a bit of a push to order food if you stick around. The wine is really nice, if a bit expensive, and the small plates are worth the money – they do traditional Moroccan cuisine. There was a very charming band of three older Moroccan gents playing traditional music in the early evening during our visit, but they were replaced with some very cringey belly dancers as it got later. (That’s when we left…but whatever floats your boat). It’s one of only two restaurants off the square that serve alcohol, so you’ll probably end up here at one point or another.

alcohol marrakesh le marrakchi

Restaurant Le Foundouk

55, Souk Hal Fassi | Kaat Ben Nahid – Médina, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

I was disappointed with our meal here, but in terms of a place where you can have a nice drink, I can’t fault it at all. And I’ve heard great things about their (say it with me now) roof terrace! Sadly, we sat inside. It’s very much a tourist trap, but I’m not surprised since every suggested list of places to eat includes it. It’s chock full of tourists! So come earlier in the evening, have a drink or two on the roof, then head off somewhere cheaper and more authentic for dinner.

le foundouk marrakech morocco



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