Camping with dogs in Kent at Badgells Wood

Camping England

MOAR CAMPING! If you recall, last time we went to Fox Wood in Sussex for a very rainy weekend of camping fun. 

(Camping fashion by me, so fabulous)

This time we went with friends a bit further afield, an hour or so away, to Kent. Friends with dogs, specifically. Bruce, our dog, hates Dotty, which is very unfortunate, because look at how sweet she is! She also gets cold easily, poor sweet angel.

However we still had lots of fun despite grumpy pups, cooking all sorts of delights and taking some long walks. And the weather was much better this time around!

The walks we took may or may not have ended at a pub. They always have to end at the pub! Them’s the rules.

The dogs got along best when we took them off lead. Or, by “them” I mean Bruce because Dotty was good all the time, and Bruce decided that she wasn’t someone to worry about ONLY WHEN they were both running around, free from all tethering. Weird, but fine, and perfect for long walks in the forest and through the fields of Kent.

This was also my first go round on the North Downs – as denizens of the South Downs, I feel a certain amount of loyalty to our own land, but the North Downs are beautiful too – a lot more trees/woodland than down in the south. 

Busting out the hammock again! Bruce was…uncertain.

In fact our campsite was in a woodland, which meant it was quite chilly and dark. It was beautiful though, and I hope that next year we make it back again – maybe on a warmer weekend so we won’t be so cold the whole time, but hey, that’s the outdoors. 

Badgell’s Wood – two thumbs up from us!

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