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*Author’s Note*

I started writing this many months ago, after we actually went to Ibiza. Now it’s December and I’m trying to finish off the various half finished posts I’ve got laying around before 2019 rears it’s ugly (okay hopefully not so ugly) head. I’m keeping the timely narrative though, so be aware!

It’s been a weird and rough few months, and when Jon and I came to the 6th week of home renovation we made the bougiest decision possible and booked a quick 4 days holiday to Ibiza. Ibiza! Home of nights that never end, hundreds of night clubs and most importantly, loads of sunshine!

Jon found an adults-only hotel. We have never gone for the adults only option, and it was only when we’d booked it that the thought arose “is this adults only like….sexy adults? Or does this just mean normal people who happen to not want to have kids around during their poolside vacation?”.  Without an answer we arrived in Ibiza to find out it wasn’t a sexy swingers hotel, which was cool. Just a regular, no-kids-welcome-here villa situation called the Fiesta Hotel Cala Gracio, connected to a regular family hotel.

We chose to stay in San Antoni de Portmanay, the port area on the north west side of the island because it is known for being a bit quieter than the south part of Ibiza, where there are a lot more nightclubs. It’s not completely quiet or anything – a simple 20 minute walk found a strip of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in our area – but it’s not the same vibe as the other side at all, which is exactly what we were going for. 

We didn’t stay in Ibiza for a long time, so there’s not much to talk about, really. However, that’s exactly what we were going for – a nice hot locale with tasty drinks, beautiful beaches and lots of sun within a 2 hour plane ride of our house. 

One of the coolest things we did though was sign up for an afternoon SUP (stand up paddleboarding) adventure. We were taken out on a boat with 8 other people and given a lesson on paddleboarding, then set loose in the coves. After paddleboarding for a while we all went snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. In hindsight I wouldn’t have booked this exact excursion for us as it was actually for beginners, and I have a SUP here in the UK, so Jon and I didn’t actually need a low-level option. Perhaps just renting some SUPs would have been nice! But everyone was lovely, the instructor was fun and really knowledgeable, and we got to go out on a boat to a place Jon and I wouldn’t have found on our own, so it was really worth it. 

A traditional British dining establishment can be seen below, easy to find literally anywhere hot, sunny, and within the aforementioned 2 hour flight radius from Heathrow airport. 

We didn’t go in. 

Basically, it was great! Four days just wasn’t enough. I completely understand why people love this gorgeous island. And while Jon and I often don’t go to the same place twice when it comes to travel….I could see us going back (preferably for at least a week next time)!

Oh yeah, I said this would be a guide! Here’s my hot tips for all you chill ass 30 somethings going to Ibiza:


  1. You don’t have to go out all night. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!
  2. Adults-only hotels exist. Find them, thank me later. Often they are connected to regular family style hotels and the adults-only visitors get access to both. 
  3. The Cala Gracio beach is gorgeous. Spend a day there. Take a picnic.
  4. Join an excursion or class or something – kayaking, SUPping, snorkeling, yoga. Ibiza is a beautiful island, so get out on the water or in nature! 

Basically Ibiza is what you make it, stereotypes be damned. 

And if you’re looking for vegan food in Ibiza (particularly in Sant Antoni de Portmany, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Vegan Ibiza – I’d link to something, but they don’t have a website. Easy to remember name though! We had some very tasty burgers there.  



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