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Climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

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While my dad was here we took a little road trip up to Edinburgh for a whirlwind visit. Because we had our dog Louis with us, it cut down on the amount of things that we’d normally do on such a short trip – namely museums, because I luuuurve museums – but climbing Arthur’s Seat maintained it’s place on the list of things we could do with the pup!

It was a serious climb, no doubt about it. And it’s the type of hike that wouldn’t be allowed in America in most places, I think. More treacherous than you’d think, with quite narrow paths (especially the first half) alongside steep cliffside. It’s an incredibly gorgeous place, especially on a grey and blustery October day in Scotland. My dad, a super heavy smoker, had to keep it slow and steady, but we all made it eventually – even Louis, the only pup on the mountain (he received more than a few smiles and pets as he scrambled up over rocks and dirt, terrifying us all). The views for the whole climb were stunning, and the top was windy, but breathtaking.

The ears of a champion…



climbing arthur's seat october 2018

Making it down was almost scarier than climbing up because of the lose rock and dirt on the narrow paths. One lady coming down around the same time as us bit it not once, but twice! However we eventually made it down, the wrong way though….meaning we had to walk around the bottom for about 45 minutes to get back to our car. We were exhausted, and ready for a pub lunch so we drove into central Edinburgh and hangrily walked up and down a main road looking for a dog friendly pub (harder to find than I expected) that had a good looking menu. Fish and chips for everyone! Even me – it seemed everywhere we went in the city had a vegan fish and chip dish on the menu, which I still haven’t seen make it’s way down south. Strange.

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  1. I loved Arthur’s seat! And Edinburgh in general to be honest. We went 2.5 years ago for New Years Eve. Lovely. We didn’t realize at first, however, that there was an easy way up Arthur’s Seat. Not until we got to the top, after climbing the somewhat scary steps, to find people with baby strollers. I looked at my husband and blurted – “How did they DO THAT?” Then we looked over and saw that there was a gently sloping path on the opposite side of the seat. Ha! Still, it was beautiful. 🙂

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