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2018 year in review


2018 was a hard year for me. Bruce, our dog, had to be put down at the end of April, and it seemed like the whole first half of the year was spent worrying over him and trying (and eventually failing) to keep him alive and with us. It was heartbreaking and I am still very much dealing with the fall out from that.

However, other things happened this year – good things. I opened a store. We got a rescue dog named Louis who has brought a little fluff and energy back into our lives. And we had some great travels as well, which I mostly failed to document here (oops).

And with that – some highlights from the year!


We went to London and saw Hamilton! It was so wonderful and I cried so much. 


Jon’s birthday came and went, and we spent a nice day in Lewes after my citizenship interview!


Just spent more time loving on my sweet boy. Also, it snowed, and it was beautiful.

Also, I love these people so much.


Everything was good, until it wasn’t. We said goodbye to Bruce on April 28th. It was horrible.


Finally, some travel (lol at this “travel blog”). We went to Ukraine with some friends, spending our time stuffing ourselves with varenky and vodka in Kyiv but breaking it up with a sobering trip to Chernobyl.

Oh yeah – then I became a British citizen! Which was quite exciting indeed.


Fit in our first camping trip of the year during a heat wave. Got lost while hiking. Worth it!


We went in search of beaches and sunshine and had a mini-break in Ibiza, which was awesome. Just before we left, one of my best friends in the whole world came to visit with her husband! We thankfully had some time to go protest against the orange asshole while we were in London with them. And when we came home we took the plunge back into dog ownership and adopted Louis into the family. He came from the same rescue where we got Bruce 5 years ago, Raystede Animal Sanctuary.


I officially launched my online zero waste living shop, Worthwhyle. Some of our best friends got married and had an amazing party. We spent the bank holiday weekend in London and saw Hamilton again. And Louis got more and more used to us. Also! We took a tour of the Brighton sewer system for C’s birthday, which was gross and fascinating.


I got a big ‘ol tattoo added to my ever-growing collection, the shop continued to thrive in its first full month of existence, and my dad came to visit right at the end of the month.


With my dad in town we took a road trip up north, stopping to camp in the Yorkshire Moors before spending a few days in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was just lovely all around. Then at the end of the month Jon took me to London for my late birthday present – we got all dolled up and went to see Dita Von Teese. It was fantastic.


Friendsgiving weekend (so many celebrations, so much to eat!), The Decemberists at the Eventim Apollo, a Hot Ones competition with friends that nearly killed Jon and I, and my first market for Worthwhyle!


We did what everyone does in December – eat, drink, be merry, etc etc.

I’ve been running this blog for nearly 10 years now, and while my interest in keeping it updated has ebbed and flowed, I’ve always enjoyed having it as a digital keepsake of the years’ passing. Looking back on my “year in review” entries is always nice and nostalgic, two things I’m a sucker for. And so, here’s to another year vaguely on the internet, with high hopes for 2019 and all that it has in store.

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  1. I can’t keep up with you but I love your adventures ,makes me so happy to see you happy and living your best life ,can’t wait to read and see what’s next. Love you❤️

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