We moved to Barcelona two months ago


Pretty crazy, right?

In April Jon and I had a big party at a pub we love in Brighton (shout out to Hare & Hounds) with basically everyone we love. Two days later we were in a car with Louis and our belongings that hadn’t been sent ahead with the moving company. We drove to Calais with Jon’s dad, hopped on the ferry, then picked up a rental car, transferred our belongings and our dog into it, said goodbye to Jon’s dad, drove through France, staying one night there at a sad highway hotel, before finishing the drive to Barcelona the next day. It was raining basically the whole time. It made perfect sense.

Now it’s stopped raining. We are acclimating, the weather is amazing, our flat is gorgeous and while the bureaucracy is driving me CRAZY and making it impossible for me, personally to do anything, it’s all going well for Jon and I am actually feeling good about everything. This first two months have been hard but as of a this week, I’m feeling great. I’ve turned a corner. Spain is delightful.

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