Easter in Lindfield

expat life Lindfield

Today we spent Easter with Jon’s family, having a nice lunch, drinking some vino and listening to Jon’s grandpa give everyone advice on every part of their life, as he does. Old people, amirite? He’ll be 90 in July, so….you can’t really be mad about that, he’s earned his grumpitude. Our nephew, who will turn …

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Slow weekends

bruce Lindfield

We are not very exciting people, Jon and I. I feel like we used to do a lot of things on the weekends down in Brighton, but since we moved back to da Heath, it’s more chilling around the house than not. Laundry, reading, dog walks, buying meat at the farm, cooking nice meals and …

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Sick dog, sad Sunday


This weekend was not the most relaxing in recent memory. We’ve been enjoying the slow January days, and that means we’ve been indoors an awful lot, doing nothing more with our weekends than sleeping and watching tv, reading books and drinking wine in the evening. Pretty great, if you ask me. Saturday we borrowed the car from …

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A Sunday

eating expat life Lindfield

Wake up to this. Drink this. Mix this. And eat these. Say hello to this face. Enjoy a bit of this. Take a walk and appreciate this. And the light falling here. Lay on your bed with him. And do a few other things as well. Reading, writing, netflixing. A tidy little Sunday….and now it’s …

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