Ohio in 2015

America expat life

Not going home for a solid two years makes a place not feel like home anymore, in a lot of ways. ┬áThe varied emotional states of spending extended time with family doesn’t really make me miss living in the same state, if ya know what I mean, nudge nudge. But I miss them! Of course …

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Our 4th of July Weekend

America expat life Shoreham

It’s pretty easy to feel ultra patriotic when celebrating a holiday outside of the country itself. Something about that buffer zone of space allows me to unironically wear an american flag on my chest and make a playlist that includes Toby Keith and that version of God Bless America sung by Lee Greenwood that they …

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The first BBQ of the year

expat life

I only know a handful of Americans here in the UK, but when I started working at my last job, I found myself working with a guy from New Jersey who had moved here to accompany his partner while she got a PhD from the University of Sussex. ┬áSince I was only working with 8 …

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