A Christmas Cookie Party

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One of my favorite, warm-fuzzy Christmas memories from my childhood was our annual Christmas cookie making. My sister, my mom, my grandma and I, all piled in Grandma Monk’s tiny kitchen, the tiny old-fashioned radio blaring Grandma’s preferred tunes of the 50s and 60s, flour and powdered sugar and colored icing and cookie cutters everywhere. …

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bits and pieces

expat life thoughts

Every few weeks it’s nice to cull photos from my phone. I would call this “weekend bits”, but that would be disingenuous since these photos are anywhere from a day or two to two weeks old….so bits it is! England seems to have fallen back into that pattern again where it rains and is miserable …

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Did I tell you this happened?

expat life

We went laser gun shootin’ at a hybrid laser tag/paintball place the weekend before last. It was bananas. So fun, and uh, it turns out that Jon’s countless hours playing mind-numbing shooter games makes him really good at hiding behind trees and (fake) missiles and stuff. I….was not so good. But we both bruised up …

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