Easter in Lindfield

expat life Lindfield

Today we spent Easter with Jon’s family, having a nice lunch, drinking some vino and listening to Jon’s grandpa give everyone advice on every part of their life, as he does. Old people, amirite? He’ll be 90 in July, so….you can’t really be mad about that, he’s earned his grumpitude. Our nephew, who will turn …

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land to sea

expat life thoughts

Growing up in rural Ohio, my life until 18 was mostly cornfields and endless country roads. I grew up in a tiny town of less than 2000 people, and went to an equally tiny high school, with a miniscule graduating class of 81 (I like to think of myself as that special extra one, heyooooo). …

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A Sunday

eating expat life Lindfield

Wake up to this. Drink this. Mix this. And eat these. Say hello to this face. Enjoy a bit of this. Take a walk and appreciate this. And the light falling here. Lay on your bed with him. And do a few other things as well. Reading, writing, netflixing. A tidy little Sunday….and now it’s …

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