Emerging from hibernation

bruce expat life

Whether or not it’s been connected to the dreary winter, I have withdrawn into myself these past few months and can feel myself unfolding as the days lengthen and the sun peeps out and as the winds grow warmer and warmer. I have been writing, but not online, or at least not personally and online. …

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dipping a toe in the sea

bruce Shoreham

Up until two days ago I’d never actually bothered to step foot into the English Channel. The sea is cold and scary, and England just doesn’t get hot enough to warrant ┬átaking a dip, even when it’s hot enough to lay on the beach in a bikini, getting your tan on. Or at least, it …

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Easter in Lindfield

expat life Lindfield

Today we spent Easter with Jon’s family, having a nice lunch, drinking some vino and listening to Jon’s grandpa give everyone advice on every part of their life, as he does. Old people, amirite? He’ll be 90 in July, so….you can’t really be mad about that, he’s earned his grumpitude. Our nephew, who will turn …

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