Rocking my Christmas Sweaters


It seems we’ve passed the point in sartorial existence where wearing a tacky Christmas sweater/jumper is just that-tacky, and a little embarrassing-and swung around to where it’s “cool”. I don’t care so much, but I do love a good Christmas sweater (see last year’s pug offering, courtesy of my thoughtful partner!) and this whole upswing …

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A consumer of things

expat life thoughts

Last weekend Jon and I attempted to knock out a huge portion of our holiday shopping, trying to both start and finish things before all the hub-bub of the holiday frivolity takes over every weekend for the rest of the month. I like to think we keep things fairly minimal all around, trying not to …

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A Christmas Cookie Party

eating expat life

One of my favorite, warm-fuzzy Christmas memories from my childhood was our annual Christmas cookie making. My sister, my mom, my grandma and I, all piled in Grandma Monk’s tiny kitchen, the tiny old-fashioned radio blaring Grandma’s preferred tunes of the 50s and 60s, flour and powdered sugar and colored icing and cookie cutters everywhere. …

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