England expat life

Christmas is coming to Brighton! There’s an ice rink set up in front of the Pavilion, which I very, very badly want to explore. Jon is not interested (probably a little PTSD from his Korean ice skating experience) (extra side note: I just tried to find pictures of said Korea ice skating experience and I …

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Goodbye/Holiday Party

America expat life

It was so nice to be able to roll my goodbye party in with a holiday celebration! Keeping the focus on merry vibes rather than goodbye vibes kept me from crying all over the place. We had a candy cane cocktail, boozy hot chocolate, and myriad other beverages, along with some delicious nibbles. It all …

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Team Flannel did not fare well at last night’s holiday pub quiz trivia night.¬†We were doing well after the first round but it was a false start, apparently. The prize for fourth place? (Out of four)…..Christmas Vacation 2 on dvd, starring the lesser Quaid brother, Randy. Sigh. At least I got to hang out with …

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