An old fashioned English ramble

England expat life

One of the most popular recreational activities in England is, surprisingly enough, walking. English people are really into walking. Or rambling, as it’s called here. See also: healthy walks. In America, we call it hiking. There is often gear involved-hills or mountains, special shoes (or at least tennis shoes), maybe a backpack and a water …

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Village Day in Lindfield


Even though we are now official residents of Brighton, on Saturday Jon and I left our busy city lives (ha!) and took the train up to Hayward’s Heath for a visit to Jon’s hometown-well, home village, technically-for the purpose of a birthday lunch with the honorable Papa Norris and a mosey to the village common …

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British English v. American English


I feel somewhat like I’m in a little time warp. England is beautiful, with gorgeous scenery and quaint houses everywhere.  The pubs have names like The Druid’s Head, The Pump House, Witch Inn…it’s like Sleepy Hollow around here! Lindfield, the village where Jon lives, is picturesque and lovely. Old people putter around. We walk to …

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