Ohio in 2015

America expat life

Not going home for a solid two years makes a place not feel like home anymore, in a lot of ways. ┬áThe varied emotional states of spending extended time with family doesn’t really make me miss living in the same state, if ya know what I mean, nudge nudge. But I miss them! Of course …

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Our 4th of July Weekend

America expat life Shoreham

It’s pretty easy to feel ultra patriotic when celebrating a holiday outside of the country itself. Something about that buffer zone of space allows me to unironically wear an american flag on my chest and make a playlist that includes Toby Keith and that version of God Bless America sung by Lee Greenwood that they …

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Back from Ohio

America expat life travels

Has it been ten days already?? So it seems! My trip was great. Super, duper great. I spent half of it at my mom’s house, straight chillin’, watching all the American tv (Law and Order marathons, obviously) and just enjoying being present. Being able to surprise both of my parents, and seeing their reactions, is …

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