England expat life

Christmas is coming to Brighton! There’s an ice rink set up in front of the Pavilion, which I very, very badly want to explore. Jon is not interested (probably a little PTSD from his Korean ice skating experience) (extra side note: I just tried to find pictures of said Korea ice skating experience and I …

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Ohio so far

America expat life travels

Three days in and I am loving it. My phone says all these things have happened. I’ve drank beers and eaten delicious things, saw some bands and gone to two festivals. I’ve seen my mom, dad, stepmom, sister, niece, cousins. I’ve seen my friends. I’ve slept in a seedy hotel and driven on the highway …

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Happy 4th of July!

America eating England expat life

Happy American Independence Day dudes and ladies! Mine started out with a great treat-Jon woke up early and surprised me with American-style pancakes. He’s a keeper, that guy. We didn’t have any syrup, but who cares, right? The weather was completely terrible and rainy for most of the day (and even kind of cold, it’s …

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Getting reacquainted

expat life travels

Guys! Hey! What’s up? You good out there? Cool. Great. Wonderful.   So this week has been big. Lots of changes around here. Starting the new job-I only taught in the afternoon all week and starting tomorrow I teach in the morning as well, which will carry through next week. Unfortunately, I’ve also already been …

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