three years in

eating England

This morning I woke, brain fuzzy and hair very large, from indulging in too much wine and steak and general middle class debauchery last night. Jon and I celebrated our three years of wedded life by indulging in a stupidly expensive meal at a place in Brighton called The Coal Shed. We ordered a sharing …

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this guy


  I don’t talk about him much on here, because while it’s one thing to put my own shit on the internet, it’s another to put him out there too. ┬áBut I love him very, very much. I haven’t been having the greatest time, personally, lately. But I am so thankful to have him. A …

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Easter in Lindfield

expat life Lindfield

Today we spent Easter with Jon’s family, having a nice lunch, drinking some vino and listening to Jon’s grandpa give everyone advice on every part of their life, as he does. Old people, amirite? He’ll be 90 in July, so….you can’t really be mad about that, he’s earned his grumpitude. Our nephew, who will turn …

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Our premiere Shoreham ramble!


My love for rambling is well known, and fairly well-documented here on ye old internet blog. But this weekend Jon and I stepped it up a notch and took not only our first Shoreham ramble, but also our longest ramble to date! We meant to go for a lengthy (but not too crazy) 4-6 miles …

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