in the dark

expat life

Today I found out that someone I love is going through a terrible time, some real personal turmoil that I can’t really imagine, and that I only came to know second-hand through another sweet friend. And in this new year, post-holiday come down, where the sparkle is all gone and it’s back to reality, I …

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expat life thoughts

Lindsey got on a plane today to head back to Ohio. The three weeks that she was here passed incredibly quickly and while I managed to hold it together while at the airport, once we were driving away, Heathrow in the rear view mirror, I couldn’t really hold it together, or hold back the tears, …

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Sunday visitors


Sunday afternoon we were graced by a visit from Penny and Dave as they headed back up north from a long weekend in Brighton, taking pictures of new babies and whatnot. We only had them for a few hours, but Jon and I took advantage of the slightly spring-like temperatures and intermittent sunshine and took …

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