On turning 30


My twenties were good to me. The mainly traditional thing I did (from that little checklist of “things that must be done according to society at large or so they say”)(is anyone even looking at this list anymore) was get married and buy a house-getting in under the buzzer on that one. No babies. One …

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painters painting


Since we moved into the new flat two months ago, we’ve been working on one thing after another, little bit by little bit-the things that need done (or that we want to do) compiled onto a list that just keeps getting longer and longer.¬†And it’s fine that way, and even a bit fun. But it’s …

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land to sea

expat life thoughts

Growing up in rural Ohio, my life until 18 was mostly cornfields and endless country roads. I grew up in a tiny town of less than 2000 people, and went to an equally tiny high school, with a miniscule graduating class of 81 (I like to think of myself as that special extra one, heyooooo). …

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in the dark

expat life

Today I found out that someone I love is going through a terrible time, some real personal turmoil that I can’t really imagine, and that I only came to know second-hand through another sweet friend. And in this new year, post-holiday come down, where the sparkle is all gone and it’s back to reality, I …

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