A country wedding


This is what happens when one of your oldest friends gets married, and you dance the night away with another one of your oldest friends and then thriller comes on: Joe and I, we’ve got moves. And we were basically stone cold sober for this whole thing, so none of our sweet skills can be …

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Home again, Safe and Sound

America travels

Where to start? I am sitting on my couch, watching the 7 o’clock news while Jon does the post-dinner dishes. Everything is utterly, completely normal now that we’re back home. It is darker here, earlier than expected. England is colder and rainier than it was when we left. It feels like autumn. It feels like …

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Ohio so far

America expat life travels

Three days in and I am loving it. My phone says all these things have happened. I’ve drank beers and eaten delicious things, saw some bands and gone to two festivals. I’ve seen my mom, dad, stepmom, sister, niece, cousins. I’ve seen my friends. I’ve slept in a seedy hotel and driven on the highway …

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