Four more years!

expat life thoughts

I am unapologetically¬†political, and I know this. Living and travelling abroad as an American isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I first went abroad during the Bush years, and I can’t even recall all the crazy questions I’ve been asked about “what Americans do/think/say/have” since I first left my native shores-although the responses and …

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Feminist Friday #19 (okay, it’s on a Saturday, sorry)


I know I know. It has been a loooooong week. But just watch this video and keep on enjoying your weekend:) [youtube=] And this article, which appeals to every educational/social justice loving bone in my body. Why is this happening?

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Choo choo chooooo

America thoughts

Chugging right along over here. Jon (and Christmas!) will be here in six weeks, which is very exciting. And next week I have several large final projects due for my classes, which will be a huge weight off my shoulders (and will also signal the end of most of my graduate work). After that I’ll …

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