An Expat Thanksgiving

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Working on Thanksgiving was weird. Not terrible, but not cool. People kept wishing me “Happy Thanksgiving”, which was quite sweet, but that kept reminding me of what I should have been doing! Anyway, on the actual Thanksgiving I came home and Jon and I had a little roast dinner and some wine-but then he left …

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My defense went swimmingly yesterday and I am a giant step closer to graduating!  I passed, as you can tell by that intensely serious baby up there. That was the face I made as I walked out of my advisor’s office. After the hoops that I had to jump through-including my second reader losing the …

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A year ago I was bustling around my lovely little apartment in Pyeongnae-Dong, South Korea, getting a Thanksgiving meal together for about 20 expats from around the world. There were only a few of us from the States, and I felt a special need to replicate that feeling of family and gratitude that we get …

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